Monday, February 24, 2014

Life After Marriage

The truth is I haven't really had time to settle in yet. My place is full of boxes, that contain all of my crafty stuff. First week, there's still a lot of family, travelling, etc . Second week,  I had to turn around and head to Lampung Utara and Karawang for craft training. Week 3 : full preparation for Crafty Days  8 Tobucil. I thought i can start right after crafty days, but on week 4 : suddenly had an offline store , and spend all entire week to get it prepared.

One day, i feel very tired after training, sleepless, just got home in the midnight, and in early morning, Mom called me and asked such question like : what's for breakfast?do you cook for your brother? have you go to post office to send the package ? do the housekeeper come today? what do you plan to cook tonight? why you do that? why you didn't do this? how come you still asleep at this hour? . At that time, i feel guilty, sad, and pretty angry.   (oh, now i understand why there's so many stressed housewife :p )

And Hello this week, i'm clueless. I'm wondering how life changes after marriage. I Have to changes my personal goals, dreams, desires, and priorities.  On weekdays, i live in my parents house. Since they go for a very long holiday,  i have to stay at home. On weekend, i live in my husband's house . so.. i guess no holiday?

But i'm lucky to have a husband that not complain about my activity and stay right beside me :*

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