Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last Weekend

1. I bought Martha Stewart Living Indonesia. and here it is, 29 crafters was interviewed . I really happy for them. Happy that crafter is a real job, not only a cutey little hobby . but i also hope that someday i will be in that magazine too *wink . aamiin :) 

2. i took these minions to have a dinner with me. fun ! . My fiance loves minion Jerry .

3. On Saturday, i had so much fun with kids in Punclut, Bandung. I will tell the details on other post.

How your weekend? Fun?
Too bad my fun spirit has gone today. Some stuff really get my nerves, but i'm sure time will heal. No, not heal, but just to get me used to deal with it. :)

Happy Fasting, Everyone!

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