Thursday, January 10, 2013

midnight post

they send love letter

pinky bunny
this three felt creations are some of products that made in the midnight, just like this time. hmm,, i wonder what will i do for tomorrow and for other nights.
i made this pinky bunny because i want a baby girl that i can dressed with cute costumes. but since i don't have any kids, the only thing that i can dressed is my dolls. that's why i make cute bunny. for next project, i will make another costumes, maybe panda, lion, tiger, cat. owl, or fox.

i'm considering this doll : docolla dal iga musume.
i love her, and i can make many dress for her. ohohoho

but.. what have i done today >.<  ,  nothing. this evening i want DSLR,and  I make reservation  for private photography course, and for ceramic course.and then i want  a watch . and right now i want a pullip doll? slap me please,,hahaha. many must buy items? well then i must work harder to get all of it.

me : i want DSLR
bf : then buy it
me : so you're gonna buy it for me?
bf :  yes, with your money . work!
me : *sigh

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