Saturday, July 30, 2011

What a busy week..

i don't know why,, but i feel so busy and tired this week. i made a lot of dolls,, but they're not sent yet, so i feel burdened. maybe i shall have sent them all at Monday. My workshop is full with dolls because some of them are giant dolls. it took a time to make it,, and take a space to put it.

i have planned to take a rest for a while, about 2-3 months , but i don't think that i have that time.. :D so i have to re-plan all of my schedule.

this week, some people asked me to create some wedding dolls. i love to do wedding dolls project!!! here they are :

*i'm trying to improve my skill by put the gold accent on "paes" bride . maybe the gold rope is too big for my 10Cm's dolls, but it will be perfect for the big one. *

happy holiday you all!! :)

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