Sunday, February 13, 2011

big dolls for big wedding

i have to finish this task in 2 days,, and yaaaay,, i made it:D

their height approximately 40cm , and weight about 1,2 kg include packaging box.
all the dolls are made from felt fabrics, hand stitching. the bride's dress is a
combination of beads, felt and lace fabric.her hair is brown, a cute swirl on the right side with headbands and flowers just made her hair fabulous. for the groom, i only used felt fabric and a few beads to representate the vest's buttons. for the eyeglasses, i made it from a wire. what wire?umm,,i dont know,, hahahahaha. don't ask me about that.. :P

the bride is very pretty rite? i got the real photos of them,, and they asked me to make the dolls. from the real photos,, i can see that they are really great couple. the bride is pretty, and the groom is handsome. but for privacy, i can't show you the real photos.. hehe,, so ,, enjoy ^^

oops.. big dolls with the big woman,,ahahaha


  1. hihihi,,iya yg ini gede,, biasanya cuma ukuran tinggi 10&15cm aja,,

  2. mbak...kok bisa berdiri seh?masih penasaran ni gimana caranya

  3. kalo ukuran gede emang bisa berdiri mba, walaupun gampang oleng.. kalo di dalam box nya di lem..

  4. Mbak, kalo beli kotak mika-nya dimana ya?

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