Friday, December 10, 2010

beautiful colors from indonesia

The first time I learned how to make felt dolls was from this book:
boneka felt menari , by Indira

nowadays I only make bride dolls and miniature. but my friend , mira , asked me to make souvenir for her professors, then it makes me suddenly want to make doll dancers. so, I finally read this book again after stored on a shelf in a very long time. but somehow I feel that i'm not suitable with the original pattern on that book. not
because it has bad designs (from the book cover you can see that the dolls are adorable,,much prettier than mine) , but i have a desire to create my own design. .hehehehe . yes, my own design. sound interesting isn't it?
when i looking
for the photographs of
original dancers, i found a lot of new things about Indonesian really inspired me . then I tried to put that information into my dolls.

and this is the result:
let me introduce traditional dancers from indonesia :)
lovely isn't it? very colorful. This is just a small part of Indonesian culture. there are many more that I haven't learned. I became motivated to make more, and more,,and more. let's preserve the culture of Indonesia.Merdekaaaaa!!!!

tari* gong from East Borneo

tari srimpi from Yogyakarta

tari pendet from Bali

tari kipas from south sulawesi

tari gatotkaca from Central java

what do you think about it? let me know :) leave your comment here ^^


For some reasons, I added a watermark on each doll.
copycat strewn everywhere. shame on you copycat!!!!


  1. hello! thanks for passing by my blog.
    your dolls are very pretty! the details you put onto them are amazing. :)

  2. bagus2 semua... ih ngegemesin.. :D

  3. nda.. tengkyu say.. bagus buangetttt.. aku suka, dan bangga kasi ke prof ku ntar.. dinanti hasilnya senin besok y ndaa

  4. cuteeeee.... say,blog mu aku pasang ya link nya di blog ku:)

  5. Mba, bagus banget yg seri penari Indonesia ini... I love Indonesia!!!

    BTW mba, saya terkesan banget sama blognya & saya ada award buat mba, bisa dilihat di sini:

    Smoga berkenan... :)

  6. hai linda, aku juga memberikan award yang sama seperti moshe things buatmu..

  7. waaahh keren banget mbak :-)
    bole tahu tuh emas2nya dari bahan apa ya mbak ?
    jadi tertari nyontek bikin, boleh gak mbak ? ^_^

    1. bahan emasnya macem macem, ada manik, renda, disesuaikan aja.. nyontek? boleh,, tapi hasilnya harus lebih bagus ya mbaaa :) selamat berkreasi ^^

  8. hallo mba ndandut salam kenal.. aq nyari-nyari bukunya udah nggak ada di toko-toko, boleh tau info toko online yang masih ada stock tidak ya?


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